Breaking Stereotypes

One of the most common questions I get after I tell people what I am going to school for is “So you’re going to be a librarian?” generally followed with “Isn’t that a dying field?” Well I have ground-breaking news for all of you doubters: the library isn’t what it was before. It’s changing and adapting to our changing times, and it isn’t going to go extinct as quickly as one might think.  On top of that, to be perfectly honest, I did not enter the program with hopes and dreams of working in a public library. I’m not even sure I want to work in an academic library. No, I entered the program thinking more along the line of special libraries or even (gasp!) not working in a library at all but rather taking the skills I am acquiring over this year and applying them to some other job. Just check out the list of possible careers I could look into found here. Go ahead, check it out, I’ll wait.

Did you look? Did you read? All of it? Yeah. Those are a lot of options and not one of them resembles that “traditional” librarian role of someone shushing patrons while wearing a cardigan and horned rimmed glasses with the chain that goes around the neck. I don’t even wear glasses. On top of that, these are just jobs that were available five years ago! with the amount that things have changed since then, I’m sure that plenty of new opportunities await me.

In a nutshell, who knows where I’ll end up. I may find a job in a public library running children’s programs and stacking books, or maybe I’ll wind up with that neato burrito wine librarian job (who wouldn’t want that job?). Moral of the story—stop making assumptions about my degree.


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